Cake in Vegetables




-125 gr of flour
-125 gr of cornstarch
-4 eggs
-2 carrots
-1 onion
-1 green pepper
-100 gr of strip of bacon
-100 gr of worn Swiss cheese
-1 bag of baking powder
-1 glass of oil
-1/2 glass of white wine





To put the flour, the cornstarch and the yeast in a salad bowl.
To break there eggs and to make a homogeneous dough by adding the oil and the wine.
To salt and to pepper the dough so obtained.
In a poële, gild strip of bacon without oil and to add
carrots, the onion and the pepper cut in small strips. To pour them in
The dough with the Swiss cheese and put in t he oven in a mould with cake lined with butter

Oven 180 ° / 1h


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