Nets of sea bream in leeks




-4 nets of sea bream
-1/2 glass of white wine
-1/2 glass of water
-1 handle of mushrooms of Paris
-25 cl of fresh cream
-5 whites of leeks


To put nets in a flat .To strew of knobs of butter.
To put in the hanging oven 45mn in 140 ° (to add a spoon of fresh cream at the end of 30 mn of cooking).
During this time, to wash leeks. To cut them in fine slices
And return them in the hanging butter 30 mn on slow fire.
To add the fresh cream, to salt and to pepper.

To finish, to spread the sauce in leeks in an oval flat and to arrange
Above the nets of sea bream . To strew of chopped parsley.





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