Supreme of Chicken




-1 chicken
-1 carrot
-1 leek
-1 onion
-2 tablets of broth of poultry
-25 cl of fresh cream
-2 CS of cornstarch






To cut the carrot, the onion and the leek in small dies .To return
all these vegetables in the butter and let cook 15 '.
After this time, to put the complete chicken to be gilded on all the faces.
To cover it with water and to add the cubes of broth of poultry, to salt, to pepper
And let cook during 50 '.
At the end of this time, to remove the chicken and to cut him in fragments.
In a pan, to put 3 shady of some broth and to bind(connect) with the
fresh cream , the cornstarch . To put back the fragments of chicken and let still cook 15 '.






The other receipts???