Terrine of vegetables




-50 gr of mushrooms of Paris
-100 gr of bald tomatoes
-1/4 of green pepper
-100 gr of courgettes
-1/2 onion
-2 eggs
-1 soupspoon of cornstarch



To put vegetables in a glass going pot in Microwave and to make
To cook in power hanging maximum 2 mn.
To turn and to cook still 3 mn, to let rest 1 mn and to cook 3 mn.
Let cool.
In a salad bowl, to beat eggs with the fresh cream and the vegetables cool.
To salt, to pepper and to put the nutmeg.
To arrange this farce in a mould with cake and to cover with a paper
Sulfurisé. To cook 5mn.
To remove the sheet and to mix in the dough the cornstarch diluted with a little water cold.
To cook another 5 mn.
Let rest 5 mn .




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