Wheat pilaf and rests of chicken

In the curry



-rests of chicken
-100 gr of mushrooms
-20 cl of fresh cream
-1 glass of water
-2 teaspoons of curry
-1 onion



To undo all the rests of meat on the carcass of a cooked chicken.
In a stove, to put the oil to be warmed and return it the onion. When it is translucent, to add the chicken and the water and to cook slowly. Later 15mn, to put the curry, the mushrooms, the fresh cream, to salt and to pepper. To leave still slowly to cook 15mn.
During this time, in another stove, to put some oil to be warmed and to put in it the wheat. To cover with water and to carry in boiling (let cook time indicated on the box of wheat).
Then when the wheat absorbed all the liquid, to add the sauce in



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