Sauerkraut in the knuckle of ham




-650 gr of raw sauerkraut
-30 gr of lard
-1 piece epais of bacon
-1 knuckle of ham
-4 frankfurters
-4 average potatoes
-10 bays(berries) of juniper berry
-1/2 glass of white wine
-2 glass of water



To melt the lard in a pot.
Return it the onion.
To add the sauerkraut, the meat, the water and the wine.
To pepper, to salt (a little!!)
To cook slowly during 2 hours.

To peel and to cut potatoes in 8 and to add them to the sauerkraut
To cook during 1h 30
( The more she cooked, the better she is!!)






The other receipts???