Sauerkraut " LULU "




1 kg of raw sauerkraut
-2 onions
-1/2 L of white wine
-150 gr of lard
-4 big slices of smoked breast
-500 gr of potatoes
-4 frankfurters
-8 slices(edges) of saveloy
-8 slices of garlic sausage
-2 cloves
-10 bays(berries) of genièvre


Sausages and meat


In a pot, to melt the lard and to put in it in rissoler onions
Cut in small strips.

To add the sauerkraut and the bays(berries) of Genièvre.

To spray with the wine. To salt and to pepper and let cook slowly during 2 hours 1/2.
Then to add potatoes and cooked pork meats and to put back to cook for 2 hours.



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