Potatoes in the bolognaise




-200 gr of steach chopped
-1 onion
-1 clove of garlic
1 kg of potatoes
-1 box of tomato puree
-bay leaf


Flat of potatoes

Return the meat in the olive oil. To put in it the onion and the garlic chopped .
At the end, to salt and to pepper.
In a mug, to dilute the tomato puree with some water and to pour it on the meat. To put some stalks of parsley and bay leaf and let simmer during 15 mn.
To cut potatoes in fine slices and to mix them in this sauce.
To butter a high mould and to pour there potatoes; To equalize little.
To strew with knobs of butter and to put in the oven .

Oven 180 ° / 45mn




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