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Version 3.01

With so many great screen savers in the net, why run the same one over and over? Alternate Meta Screen Saver lets you see a new monitor protector every time your screen saver kicks in. You assemble a list of all of your installed screen savers, and Alternate takes care of rotating them randomly or sequentially. It's still a nice -- and free -- way to add some variety to your system.

Click here if you want to see a screen shot

Install Alternate :

Only run Alternate.exe and answer to the questions !


Alternate will use the association between .scr files (screen savers) and the system. Some programs change this association to match their criterias. The main use of that is for old style .scr pictures files. In this case, Alternate cannot work. So delete this association to let the system know that these files are screen savers. To check your system, go into the explorer, and double click on a .scr file. If the saver runs, it is ok. In the other case, you have launch the program which have got the association. See its documentation to see how to change the associations.


Alternate is not a picture swapping program. If you want to build your own screen savers with your pictures, do not use Alternate. Its purpose is to show other savers, not pictures.

What's new ?

Alternate changes since the beginning...

  • Version 3.01 (25/09/2002)

  • Small fix on memory and/or processor saturation.
  • Version 3.00 (09/22/2002)

  • Alternate becomes XP compatible.
  • New button 'Delay' to automaticaly change the saver at regular intervals.
  • Version 2.10 (08/24/2001)

  • New install program.
  • New German user interface, for German Windows systems.
  • Small selection bug fixed.
  • Version 2.02 (01/17/2000)

  • Correction of a language problem, which have inverted English and French versions.
  • Version 2.01 (12/18/1999)
  • Some savers, like the Charisma Carpenter (you know, the pretty Buffy's friend) do not want to be configured if no arguments are specified. Even if the Windows rule says that no argument or '-c' is equivalent. My correction will let configure also this kind of savers.
  • Version 2.00 (11/28/1999)

  • The savers used by Alternate can be everywhere on the machine.
  • New buttons allow to test and configure each savers directly from the Alternate screen, before selecting them.
  • Each button has now a tool tip. It can be disabled.
  • Some other corrections, like the 100 savers limit deleted, or the hang up at the first launch suppressed.
  • Version 1.04 (10/31/1999)

  • New random selection of the saver to show. For the sequence selection, the next saver can be selected.
  • Version 1.03 (09/15/1999)

  • Correction of the savers names.
  • Version 1.02 (09/10/1999)

    • New application !
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Updated 07/18/2005