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To find a software, a DLL or a help file on your CDs, floppies, Zips, etc becomes easy ! Store the content of your medias and consult them 'offline'. FileBank check for you the applications presents on your medias and let you find them quickly. You can store the content of your backups in order to verify the existence and / or the date of one file. If you devellop softwares, store the content of your installation disks of each release. You will know quickly which files you have installed, of what date and size. Using a very powerful algorythm, FileBank can analyse the magazine CDs to find all the applications. It stores their descriptions and let you install them. FileBank use an explorer like interface, easy to learn. It can scan every logical drive of windows. This is a 32 bits application.

In French and English for Win95/98/ME and NT 4/2000/XP. Works in Unicode (tested on a Japanese workstation !). The english documentation is still in developpement, but the executable file already works in english.

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What's new ?

FileBank, since the beginning...

  • Version 4.20 (06/2004)
  • New installer based on GNU NSIS.
  • Update of the graphics libraries : PaintLib and others, used to get descriptions of images. These new releases reduce the crashes, specially inside gif reading.
  • Fix the output of directory size in the list, always at 0 !
  • Fix drawing of flat tool bar.
  • Fix file types in list.
  • Fix translation of result messages, and others....
  • Version 4.10 (04/2002)
  • Add the creation of messages file. After translation, this message can be used to allow the user to has its own language in Filebank user interface.
  • Correction of a description pane drawing problem.
  • Correction of registering problem.
  • Version 4.00 (04/2002)
  • New Options box to configure Filebank..
  • Extract thumbnails for pictures found on the new media. The type of files to analyse is configurable, like the size and the color depth of the thumbnails to obtain. A text description is also extracted.
  • Extract informations from executables (EXE, DLL, OCX) : version number, copyrights ...
  • New file format compressed. The size of FBD files has been divided by three !
  • The dialog box for search results can be resized, and the size is stored from one call to another.
  • Some problem of small icons of files which disapeared on NT has been corrected.
  • A new dialog box is shown during media analysis. This window has an 'interrupt' button to stop processing. It alsos give error messages of the analysis. This text is copied in the description of the media.
  • It is now possible to change the user interface language !
  • Version 3.11
  • New column 'type' in the file list.
  • New scrool bar in description tab.
  • A problem has been fixed in the search result dialog box : after consulting properties of a found file, it was impossible to make another search.
  • Version 3.10 (07/2001)
  • New option for general research (applications, files, descriptions, directories ...).
  • The research ca be done on media names and media folder names.
  • New progress bar during research.
  • Screen refreshing problems with filters fixed.
  • New inverted mode for filters : Filebank will show ALL the files of the catalog matching the filter. When the file selection change, Filebank will highlight the corresponding directory / media in the left tree. A short way to find a file across big catalogs.
  • New yellow Filebank icon. Seems to better represent the 'Bank' idea.
  • New description dockable window, at the bottom of the file list. It contains the description of the selected file or application.
  • In the About dialog box, the copyrights of the external librairies and / or source codes used in Filebank is shown.
  • Version 3.00 (03/2001)
  • New option 'Visit the author site' in the Help menu.
  • New filters. Let Filebank only show he files you need. It is possible to create filters for sound files, videos, pictures or wathever you want. Some filters are installed, but all can be edited and / or deleted.
  • New automatic descriptions extracted from MP3 files : sampling frequency, author, composer, singer ...
  • New options Copy/Paste on medias, across different catalogs.
  • The research is now possible by directory name.
  • The splash window does not wait anymore a Ok to launch Filebank. After three seconds, the window will close itself (if you are registered, of course...).
  • Version 2.01
  • If the user closes Filebank with the small cross in title bar, there were a file writing problem. Fixed.
  • Version 2.00
  • New option 'Merge'. The loaded file is merged with the current one.
  • Zip and Cab files are now scanned.
  • New catalog printing. Directories, files or applications can be print. For each, it is possible to print or not attributes, size, date and time of last modification.
  • The last ten research strings are now saved..
  • In the file research dialog box, speed improvement of sorting by full path.
  • At least, the progress bar during applications searching on new medias works !
  • The 'most recently files used' list was not updated !.
  • Version 1.08
  • In the research dialog box, 'Enter' starts searching, and 'Escape' exits from the box..
  • Directory renaming fixed. The keys 'Enter' and 'Del' were not correctly handled.
  • Problem of not wanted characters in applications descriptions fixed.
  • Version 1.07
  • Big loading error fixed !
  • Version 1.06

  • It is now possible to add comments on every file !
  • New research dialog box.
  • New option 'Consult' for files, which run Notepad.
  • Better applications names sorting.
  • Better research of the application names, to avoid redondant characters and tabs.
  • Better error hadling for PDB files.
  • Speed improvement in directory or media destruction.
  • File Applis.dat updated with new versions of well known applications.
  • Version 1.05

  • Use now Internet Explorer style icons.
  • File Applis.dat updated with new versions of well known applications.
  • Direct links to my mail and my site in the About dialog box.
  • A lot of screen refresh were done in previous versions. Fixed.
  • Version 1.05

  • Some small bugs fixed.
  • Fix of the loading of the last file used, if this file has been deleted.
  • The installation now works with a self-extracting program.
  • Version 1.03

  • Correction of a bug of installation programs searching.
  • Big speed improvement of the tree drawing (mainly on small machines).
  • Version 1.02

  • Correction of a bug of installation programs searching.
  • Speed improvement for applications research.
  • Show a progress bar during this research.
  • Correction of a column sorting error.
  • Version 1.01 (08/98)

  • The option "Help/Content" goes to the help summary !
  • Properties on an empty file do not crash anymore.
  • The ToolTips work on NT 4.0.
  • The option 'not case sensitive' works in the application research.
  • Version 1.0 (07/98)

  • A star is born ! Hum, FileBank is born.

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Updated 08/24/2001