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Version 1.11

     To launch a batch file or an application with various arguments is not easy. Of course, you can create shortcuts, but the desk or the start menu becomes too big and complex to understand. To have as many shortcuts as combinations of arguments is impossible ! So BATCHEXE is the solution. You can launch executables, batch files or simple commands.
After execution, it warns the user you have specified through the network. One dat file lets you run a lot of combinations in one simple shortcut ! Ideal for long treatments on far machines, it will simplify the life of all non-dos users.

Full english version for Win95 and NT 4.0

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What's new ?

BatchExe releases from its birth...

  • Version 1.11 (11/03/2000)

  • New 'File' menu, to open or create a dat file.

  • New HTML full help in plain English. If the help does not work, you probably need a HTML help reader utility from Microsoft : click here.

  • Several small fixes in the parameters dialog box.

  • Link to my email has been updated.

  • Version 1.10 (05/02/1999)

  • New directs links to my site and my email from About dialog box.

  • New dialog box to modify the parameters file.

  • Version 1.04 (03/11/1999)

  • A mistake between two columns has been fixed.

  • Version 1.03 (03/05/1999)

  • Sorting problem in a combo has been fixed.

  • Version 1.02 (01/28/1999)

  • Problem if the filename in argument has quotes fixed.

  • Version 1.01 (01/21/1999)

  • There is now an icon attached on the main window.

  • Help can be launch from the menu.

  • Problem if no user name to warn given fixed.

  • Correction of the option 'parameters' which did not take account of the new content of the dat file.

  • Version 1.00 (01/19/1999)

  • New application !

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Updated 05/19/2003